A room filled with paper records or Data Room?

//A room filled with paper records or Data Room?

A room filled with paper records or Data Room?

Perhaps you often experience situations when your organization has to share confidential information with colleagues. No matter what your objective is – mergers and acquisitions, organizing negotiations for the management board, encouraging funding to a foundation, promoting a new product or something more – data rooms will help you solve the problem in the most efficient and money-saving way. In any commerce and for any business deals, it presents the satisfactory solution. A few extremely easy to understand can help your company become speedy, more secure and more enterprising.

So What is a Data Room?

This is an Internet platform, usually developed for a fixed duration and for a specific objective, which gives permitted staff access to a secure database of materials, conforming to their access rights.

What is it for?

Basically, data room services were created data room review as an alternative to real-life data rooms during the due diligence operation. Before the era of the proliferation of broadband Internet access, the familiarization of possible participants in the transaction with paperwork was like this:

1. The representative provided or leased one or more offices where binders with printed materials were brought, and noted the loss of profit from misusing of the work places.

2. A timetable of staying at the work place and doing paperwork for future consumers (bidders) was drawn up. Taking into account a great number of clients, the duration of the deal increased as well. If the consumers were from another city or country, their delegates travel for business purpose to world cultural centers wasting time and money on the road. As a matter of fact, the virtual data room just works out the problem with time, cost and ease of access to documents.


What for and how can a Virtual Data Roomsbe utilized?

Practically in any conditions when an organization must give simultaneous access to confidential information to more than one person:

– review of corporate reporting;

– creating a storage of files;

– making an audit;

– preparation initial public offering (IPO);

– mergers and acquisitions;

– search and providing information to investors;

– going broke and reorganization;

– getting ready for getting certificates for medical preparations or other progress of science.

A fixed data room is normally at least a few rooms full of paper documents with a clear minute-by-minute timetable. The virtual data rooms is an Internet website where the difficulty with simultaneous access to materials has been resolved and this advantage has been given to permitted operators to share information from anywhere. Everybody can compare the expenses of lease, maintaining premises and the physical movement of staff in space to holding virtual space ( including charge for security).

Obviously, there are such reliable tools as e-mail, faxes, disks and flash drives. But if you have tosend confidential information of large volume more often, the benefits of a virtual room are obvious. This is the unrestricted file size, encryption, and the ability to monitor document forms and give feedback regarding specific files at once. But the most important idea is 24/7, with the opportunity to get information collected in a virtual room from any place in the world where there is electricity and the Internet.

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